Who is The Vermont Epicure?

My name is Sheila McGrory-Klyza, and I called Vermont home for twenty-five years. Having moved to the Green Mountain State from Boston after growing up in Maryland, I at first found the rural lifestyle to be a challenge. But I grew to love so many aspects of living in this beautiful place, most of them in some way related to food: the working farms that produce fresh milk and an abundance of artisanal cheeses, the profusion of farmers markets and CSAs, the bakeries and chocolatiers, the creative and award-winning restaurants, the wineries gracing the landscape, the innovative cottage industries producing unusual fare, the “sugaring” that marks the end of a long winter…the list goes on and on.

I’ve worked as an English teacher, content developer, writer, and editor, and in the corporate, startup, higher education, and nonprofit worlds. My articles, essays, and poems have been published in national journals and magazines. I once taught English at a culinary school, which I quickly learned was a mistake. I’m a self-taught cook, but I’ve taken a class here and there and I read a lot of cookbooks. Currently I’m an independent writer and editor, so I view this blog as a fun intermingling of my professional and personal lives: a place where I can share my thoughts on and experiences with food, and celebrate the bounty that is produced in my broader neighborhood and in places that I travel. My thoughts on products, purveyors, and eating establishments are my unbiased opinion. I only include what I like and/or find interesting and do not accept compensation for my commentary.

My family and friends participate in my food adventures to varying degrees, but usually in good humor. Of course one of the best aspects of discovering, making, preparing, and eating food is sharing it with others, so they’re often pulled along on my explorations, as you’ll find in my posts.

One thing you’ll quickly discovery about me is that I’m an avid Francophile and have had the opportunity to live in France for brief periods of time on a few different occasions. Most recently I lived in Paris for five months in 2010. My time in France greatly informs my perspective on food and place. I’m also passionate about gardening, yoga, reading, cross country skiing, and other outdoor adventures. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!